Z-6600T Touch Torch Guard Tour System

  • Brand:ZOOY
  • Item NO. :Z-6600T
  • Product Origin: China


Z-6600T Guard Tour System

Z-6600T Guard Tour System
  • Gently touch starting powerful lighting
  • High/medium/low/SOS/strobe lighting modes
  • Blind insert magnetic USB connector
  • Track every malicious damage with impact record

Technical datasheet: Z-6600T Guard Tour System

Reading technology Read 125kHz EM(ID) tags proximity Material Aluminum alloy
Storage capacity 80,000 logs Impact record 32,000 pcs
Lighting High/medium/low/SOS/strobe Lighting switch Touch switch
Communication By USB cable USB connector Magnetic pogo pin USB connector
IP rating IP 67 Prompt method LED + vibration
Working temperature -20℃ to 70℃ Working humidity 0-95%
Battery 350 mAh replaceable li-ion battery Battery life 12 hours
Dimension 140 mm x 40 mm Net weight 140 g
Z-6600T Guard Tour System Z-6600T Guard Tour System Z-6600T Guard Tour System
Proximity reader Powerful lighting Touch switch Magnetic

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